Help with power supply/wiring segments

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the WLED community and am trying to figure out the best set up for this idea. Hoping for some feedback. I have sound reactive WLED set up and working on an ESP32 already but have only powered it with USB during my initial learning. I’m no expert when it comes to powering LEDs so that’s where I need a bit of help.

I want to run LEDs the length of my drop ceiling tiles in my basement. It’s around 118ft total and roughly 2,100 LEDs (WS2812B 16.4ft/300LEDs). There will be 4 segments that are around 19ft and then 3 segments that will be around 14ft.

If I understand, WLED will allow me to create 7 separate segments so the sound effects will all be synced with the music.

My question is - can I use a single ESP32 to control that many LEDs? I also need help understanding how much power would be required and how exactly I should go about running it so I don’t experience voltage drop. The outlet is at the middle top and is located right near the sound system. Thanks in advance for any assistance in helping me understand.

This is the power supply I purchased based on some YT tutorials I had watched.

Start here.