Preset cycle api call &P1=10&P2=14&PL=~ not working b4

have a new hardware setup with 0.13.0-b4. I am trying to set up a preset with a cycle using the api command &P1=10&P2=14&PL=~ which is working fine on another setup running b2. In fact I’ve recreated the presets 10 to 14 exactly the same.

Has something changed wrt to the api from b2 to b4? If so what is the new syntax if not then how can I track down why it’s not working for me.

@srg74 Maybe you can help as this is happening with the 4 new shields I bought from you. Doesn’t seem like a hardware issue though

Do you have this tied to a button?

Yes it did but as part of trouble shoot I removed that and even changed the present number. This preset should work without the button link. The behavior is that when clicked it goes immediately to the P2 preset and then does NOT cycle with further clicks

I have two of these running with b4 and they do the exact same thing.

Everything else seems fine just this cycle preset is the issue.

I upgraded to b5 and the issue is resolved. Also note that for whatever reasons the cycle no longer works by pressing the UI button only the physical button so you currently can’t test via the UI at least in b5. May be resolved in future releases