Random pallete changing interval

Is there any way to change interval between random pallete changes?
Also it will be perfect if we can change it according to music beat, but this feature is deffinately unavaible.

No. Unless you change the code.

This feature looks realy easy to realize and very usefull. Surprised that it is not avaible yet.

If it is easy, why not do it and make PR on Github?

I was waiting for this answer )
Because I dont have such skills, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t understand difficult of this task.

Yet, it exactly does. If you can comprehend how to execute a task it does not mean you can execute such task. You still have no clue how difficult a task is otherwise you’d do it.

Well. May be so, but I have some practice in programming and this task is deffinetly not too difficult.
In another hand - when you making soft that controls leds and doing option to change pallete randomly but hardcode interval between changes - it seems strange for me.
You just need to add input area of cycle time - isnt it?

You are welcome to lend a hand. After all, this is an open source project.