Random Cycle time

Hi, since 14b1 the “random cycle color” time is very low: Colors are changing every second, which is way too fast. Is there any option to set up this time ?

Settings/LED Preferences…scroll down to bottom to “Transitions” section

I changed this time already but it doesn’t affect the speed of the color changes of the “Random Cycle Color”.

There is a second transisiotn time under the segments, but this changes in this field are always resetted to 0,7s, i don’t know how to save these changes and i am not sure if this is the right field for my problem.

Random Cycle time has not changed. It is fixed at 5s.
What did change is the addition of smooth palette/color change which happens in 250ms.

oh okay, for me its a bit too restless with 5s chamge. I would prefer 1-5min. I can wokraround with a playlist - but maybe random cycle time could be adjustable in a future release of WLED ? That would be fantastic.

Open a Github issue.
It might or might not get attention but it sure is the best way for requests.