Random Color not working in segments

Hi, i reported this in git already and just want to mention it again - maybe its my misunderstanding:

If i use segmented strings, the “random color” is not working while the other segments are on “solid color”. After i reset all my segments its working. I just tested with the newest firmware 0.13-b4 - but i have this little issue. For me it is quite important since i use part of my string for illumination with solid white - and i really love the random color in some effects.

Maybe somebody can confirm ?


It likely won’t solve your issue, but FYI 0.13-b5 is the latest release!

Can you describe in detail what are you doing? I do not understand what you are trying to say since random color works for me.

yes, it works. But only on all segments. If you setup with:

Segment 0 - Random Color
Segment 1 - Solid Color
Segment 2 - Solid Color

it is not working anymore.

Works here on b5.

What is Random Color? Effect or selection of R on quick color selection circles?

I took it as the Random Colors effect.

soryy, soory, sorry - i messed up random cycle and random color effect. I meant “random cycle” or the palette settings:

Segment 0 - Noise effect with random cycle palette
Segment 1,2,3,4,… - Solid effect with fixed color

in this case my random cycle is not working anymore. It does if i set all segments to random cycle palette.

Can you confirm this issue ?

Working here with three segments.

thanks - but thats really strange. My setup is:

segment0 Noise2 Random cycle color 284 LEDs
segment1,2,3,4,5,6 all with scan white color each just 6 LEDs

segment0 never changes the palette, it always shows the first palette. segment2,3,4,5,6 are working well with white scan.

if i choose all segments with random cycle colors the palette is changing as expecting.

Maybe it’s too hard for me to see the pallet change? It could be stuck.

its easy to see if you use “plasma” or “noise” with “random cycle” and use time as fast as possible. Then use only one single segment for some LEDs - the palette is changing every 5-10s. Ypou can follow the palette in the web view under the button “random cycle”.

if you then add a segment the colors are only changing in the first palette - and totally different from the colors shown under the button

Random palette is updated on every JSON request and not otherwise.

I did not understand. Which JSON request ?