Random white flash

Hi everyone,

I have 3 snowflakes (2 98 pixel (12v) and 1 496 pixels (5v)). They are both running off one esp32 running WLED.

When I run a show through xlights, everything works fine but when running the WLED sequences, the larger snowflake flashes white intermittently. It seems to occur randomly but fairly frequently.

After having run my show through xlights, things seemed better until I powered off and restarted the esp32.

I double checked all connection and everything seems to be good there.

Any thoughts?


What version of WLED are you running?

Does a full power White of either and/or both snowflakes hold up under load?

Just trying to isolate this as a software or power issue.

I’m using the latest version (flashed this morning). I have a 350w 70A power supply and lights at at 30% intensity. At 100% intensity, I would expect a 30A draw (496 @ 0.06A/pixel)

It is powering the ESP32, a small fan and a Pi running FPP.

Interestingly enough. Once I switched from colourful to candy cane, the issue doesn’t seem to reoccur.

I’ll have to play around with some of the others to see if the same thing occurs.

Check your ground (0V) connections