Remote controller


Looking at the WLED document for the remotes, I interpreted that pretty much any of those remotes for LED lights work but they usually need to be purchased with a controller. I ordered this one from aliexpress.

Unfortunately, most of the buttons don’t do what I expect. Is there a way to re-map the buttons in WLED?

ResinChemTech did a video recently and he went into remote at around 22min 18secs in:

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Why dident you just go for a cheep ESP8266 board or is your projekt all about REMOTE
simply plug in the USB and you are up to 200LED without any extras

you can get a wizmote, (on/off, brightness up and down, dimming and 4 button for the first 4 presets)

cheap if you shop around

just make sure you get the one without WIZ stamped on the front

If you have any Walmart’s near by check them out. I snagged 3 wizmotes there on clearance for $3 each.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!