Simple IR Control in-expensive

I have found these remotes work out of the box with WLED:

You can also rip open the controller box and pull the IR sensor off the board and directly connect it to 5V, Ground and a data pin on the board running WLED and you are set to go.

Just use the default data pin in WLED for IR or change it and compile. The remote works with the default 24 Key RGB config.


Actually recently a lot IR remotes have been added to WLED

Yes! I got a 44 key remote working as well with a build of master from earlier today. The think I like is that for $7 you get the remote and the IR sensor you can re-use for WLED.

Hi @tube0013, you can do even more:
desolder the chip on the PCB (and as you said the IR-sensor) and then you can use the 4 MOSFETs for driving analog LEDs :smile: - just connect the PINs comming from the (removed) chip to the GPIOs on the ESP - done.


@Def3nder can you show me how to use the mosfets ?

I have this board , thank you .

Hi @Mariu86,

the MOSFETs are only needed for analog LED strips.
Basically you need to trace the PCB wired from the MOSFETs to the chip.

The one PIN is connected to a cable towards the strip - this is “OUT”.
Another PIN is connected to ground.
And the last PIN is the one you are looking for - this will end on one pin of the chip.

You need to desolder both chips (either with a rework station with hot air or with a lot of solder on all pins of the chip and the use tweezers to grab the chip).
Please be carefull - the PCB wires must be okay after that - you need to solder the INPUT there).

…then - if all chips removed, solder wires to the 4 input PINs (on the places where the chipsn have been).

…the other end of wires should be directly connected to the ESP PINs.

Ok i understand the basics, but this is 12v and the esp has 3.3v signal how does it work? The mosfet signal pin from the ESP accept 3.3v ? Thanks for all the answers and the great work @Def3nder !!!

Hi @Mariu86, this is exactly what the MOSFETs are for: 3.3V in and 12V out :smile:

So basicaly you connect 12V to the strip and connect the ground of the 12V to the ESP (only the ground!). Then you connect the PINs you want to use for the RGB to the MOSFETs and the output of the MOSFETs go to the RGB of the strip.

The MOSFETs are like “very fast” switches that can be controlled with 3.3V input.

Thanks @Def3nder, I will try to see if I get it to work :smile:

has anyone tested the IR controller shield for the Wemos?
I mean the original one. It works with a 38KHz receiver. The IRM-H638T.

Link to the Wemos/Lolin documents: