Reverse direction on 1 of 3 ddp network strips


I have the following setup (WLED 0.13.3 on all)
3x ESP8266 with a 5m 300 LED SK6812 strips connected each.
1x ESP32 as the master to connect to the 3 8266 via DDP RGB

The setup itself works fine, but one LED strip has the wrong order.
Is it possible to fix this in a setting, I could not really find it. It might be handy to have this in the
LED menu where you define the different strips or as a default behavior for the strip.

i tried to define the segment order, this is fine for local played events but does not seem to
work when its played back via the network.

Possibly I could change it in the code and upload it, but it is in general a very simple setting
so it would be cool if it possible and I have not seen it or simply done something wrong :wink:

blind me, in the LED menu (on the affected string) there is the option
“Reversed (rotated 180°):”
missed that till now, selected it and it works fine :wink: