Running 12v WS2811 Floods From NodeMCU

I’m trying to get 12v WS2811 flood lights to run from a NodeMCU and WLED. I’m pulling 12v from a separate power supply and sending the data line from the Node to the flood light (to act as a single RGB pixel). No luck. The flood just flashed randomly. I tried putting a pixel in-line between the NodeMCU and the flood and it didn’t make any difference.
Any ideas? Do they require a shared ground?

Yep you got it! The shared ground is required. Seems you knew the answer!

Think of the ground as a reference. All parts of the system must reference the same ground.

What flood do you have?

Yes! That worked! Thanks for the confirmation. The floods I am using are the 10w pre-wired floods from Wally’s Lights. They are great!

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Thanks! Yes I have a couple of these also. Was checking if there were any other choices on floods. So far these are the primary one I find.

I also use…