Sacn relay

I know you can use a relay to turn on or off the power to led strip.

So can I set up wled to simply close or open a relay via sacn? Or any protocol from xlights.

Trying to control a snow machine.

If you use Multi-relay usermod and set a relay as external you can control it externally via HTTP or MQTT or JSON or HW button.

Im looking for artnet or sacn solution so I can build it into my xlights sequence

You could add a PWM strip on a separate pin with 1 LED and use that to drive a relay.
Probably have to be careful about the relay choice and make sure that LED is either full brightness or off.

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So I’ve bought a d1 mini shield relay.

I was wondering if someone could help me to a custom compile that would set the pwm output to 100% when more then 1% is received on channel via sacn or artnet.

In the events industry this is a fairly easy thing to do with distro packs, would be handy for a few projects if wled could do it.

I’m using xlights with Wled for holidays lighting. Would be great if there was a relay mode to enable a few relay channels to control dumb lights