Xlights controlled relay

Many people are using DigQuads and DigUnos with WLED pre installed and using them for Christmas light shows and Xlights. Many of us have no coding experience and compiling even pre-existing user mods are a little confusing and some times impossible to accomplish. Would it be possible to add a built in relay control that could be controlled in Xlights sequence along with the Christmas lights. I have some dumb LED outlined figures that I would like to turn off with all the other lights within the sequence. I do know that you could control a relay with the master WLED power button but that’s not what I want.

There is a multi relay usermod for that.

Unfortunately contoling multi relay usermod is only possible using MQTT, JSON API or HTTP API.
On the other hand if you just need to cut/provide LEDs with power when xLights streaming starts built-in functionality should be enough.

I have been trying to find how install the user mod but for someone that has never coded it makes no sense. Nobody has made a video or at least I haven’t found any.

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I found that you have a 8266 multi relay bin file. Will that work with a generic nodemcu esp8266?

It should.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

I got it to work in WLED. Now, is there a way to control then through Xlights?