Make multiple relay support native to WLED

I wish you could make multiple relay control native to WLED so that the buttons would be in the gui and able to sync with other presets. Then hopefully Xlights would be able to control the relays for sequences.

Buttons are in GUI (Info panel).

Multi-Relay usermod allows GUI buttons and JSON & HTTP API control as well as MQTT.

Yes, I did see the buttons in the Info panel, and it works great but I can’t get it to work in Xlights. Also you cant sync or automate them in any way. I don’t know how Xlights interacts or communicates with WLED and the controller but apparently it does not recognize usermods. So, I was just hoping maybe Aircookie would come across this and make it native to WLED and maybe Xlight would then support its use. Many people have come to use WLED for Christmas and holiday light shows.

As a usermod author I can assure you that Xlights integration is not planned.
It would require API exchange or hack in WLED core. Neither of which is likely.
If Xlights can send JSON or HTTP request to WLED along with raw LED data then it can manipulate the relay.

Xlights has actually officially supported WLED and even recently incorporated many if not all of WLED effects within Xlights. That’s why I was hoping that the relay support would become native in WLED. Maybe correct wording would be integrated in the core. I will have to see if Xlights supports the others and how to do it.

There is a built-in relay support in WLED. It triggers the relay when WLED starts receiving live data from Xlights.
Anything beyond that will require API from Xlights to integrate with WLED. Not on my roadmap since I do not use Xlights. There are plenty of other options to control relay so ask Xlights developers if they can support those.
There is a possibility for someone else proficient with Xlights API and WLED to modify current usermod and/or core.