Segment Control - applies to external control (xlights)

I actually listed this a bug in another feed, but i think it actually a feature request.

Many people on here use wled with xlights (Christmas lighting software). There are many options for xlights user for hardware controllers, and wled is new to it compare to falcon controller. Wled is integrated into xlights as a controller :slight_smile:

Within wled we can segment l and we can adjust the brightness. However when using Sacn the brightness reductions is not applied to segments outputs… We need an opition for it to do it. “Segment brightness overides sacn”

Im not talking about sacn force max brightness option. Which only works on the master brightness.

Practical example I have 100 peace sticks (5 pixels on a stick) at the front of my display. On one segment. I need to reduce the brightness of all of them as there too bright… So I want to be able to grab the fader and adjust all of them…

Currently only way to do this is to click through 100 models in xlights to change the brightness. Which takes ages.

Most controllers allow you to set a “limit” on the output port (segment). I know it would be really useful for those of us who use xlights and large displays and have seen post elsewhere that wled have move to something else bcoz it can’t do it.