Send data from TODOIST to WLED

I dream of a project since a long time…

I was wondering if there is a (simple) way to send data from TODOIST to WLED.
(note : TODOIST is a great and very usefull app to manage projects, agenda, TO DO list, etc… on smartphone and optionnaly sync with your computer).

The goal :
example 1 : I have to go to the dentist the 3rd of june 2024 at 16:00. This information is entered into the TODOIST. The 3rd of june in the morning (let’s say at 10:00) TODOIST send the data to WLED. Then a 64x8 led matrix display a sliding message “Dentist today at 16:00”

example 2 : Each monday check the water level of the tank. So, each monday morning at 10:00, a message is sent to WLED and a sliding message display : “Please check water level”

I guess via API but I do not master this stuff at all ! If someone can help me with a step bu step procedure, i woulsd appreciate a lot :slight_smile:

Just use the E131 Protocoll and it will work