Set color value for each individual LED

Now that I have been using WLED (and enjoying it!) I was wondering if I could make a couple of suggestions?

  1. Preface: Think along the lines that I am setting this up for my 75 year old parents which I am attempting to do. When they are using the cell phone app I don’t want to confuse them with segments, ip addresses and multiple controllers. It would be nice for them to just see a single “Master” interface. The “master” interface would allow them to select favorites, colors and animations. Now, if they want me to stop by and add another controller, segment, etc, I would click on the settings gear and THEN I would see all the behind the scenes fabulousness. This would provide a top down approach and clean up the view. Is this possible or already available and I missing it?
  2. Preface: Yes another preface. This one is for my wife. She wants LEDs installed around her pergola. Depending upon the location of the LED she want’s it to be a specific color. All colors would be static (not dancing or moving). For example at the base there would be 20 white pixels, then 10 blue, then 5 red, then 2 green and on and on. It would be nice to have the ability to set every individual pixel’s color. It would take sometime to individually provide a color to each pixel in a 400 led string but this flexibility would provide a powerful capability providing infinite possibilities. Is this something that is easily added or already available.

With this all said, I believe these two recommendations would add value, refinement and capability to an already excellent solution. If it helps I would be willing to help pay for the time needed to add these updates.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done. I have really enjoyed WLED!

  1. If you turn on Sync, they can just use the “master” wled device. All others will follow.

  2. If there would be no more than 10 “color groups” wanted, you can use segments. If more, you’re stuck until that support is completed, or you would need to break it up over more wled devices. Being able to load arbitrary colors per LED has been requested before and I would like that as well.

Yeah. I definitely understand the sync option. My thoughts were how to provide a more polished less cluttered view by only showing the master.

I certainly understand the need for a more simple UI for the less tech savvy, this would need to be configurable however. Some might want something really basic with only some pre-saved presets and on/off available while you for example would like everything but Segments and maybe Preset Cycle to still be accessible. For me personally, when using a new program, the “if you don’t know what the setting is good for don’t touch it” paradigm works very well, but with WLED of course I want users to try out different configurations to find the lighting effect they like most - so I’ll look into adding a configurable simple mode to hide controls deemed unneeded for a specific application :slight_smile:

About a per-LED color control, this is currently only possible via UDP/E1.31 or ArtNet streaming from programs running on a PC or raspberry pi, like xLights, Jinx! or LedFX. I believe adding such an option to the web UI, potentially with a simple “image editor” called WLED draw or so, would be really cool, however it is a significant chunk of stuff to develop, so i don’t know how long it would take :sweat_smile:

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Aircookie. Thanks for your help. I look forward to the configurable “simple mode”. Lets be honest, I look forward to all your updates!

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