Sp501e / wled error 2

Trying to generate a bin for the SP501e (LEDs on pin 3 and button on pin 1). I’ve moved past the “WLED ERROR 2” message, but I can’t find that string in the code.

What is that error telling me?

Now I’m having trouble getting it on my network. I put my credentials in, but when it restarts, it’s ending up in AP mode.

Common theme, maybe?

Here’s the settings I used (not sure how to do this in platformio yet).

arduino board settings

I believe the SP501e might only have 1mb of flash, although I am not exactly sure. Try changing the Flash Size option, it should resolve the error 2 :slight_smile:

@tonyno First this controller have a ESP8285 chip and it is only 1mb on board.

Thanks. As noted, I’ve fixed the error 2. It’s reporting 2M, FYI.

Now I need to find why it’s not getting on my network. Tips?

I’ve enabled debugging, but I’m not seeing anything coming out. Suggestions?

That was fun. Turns out my router was just out-to-lunch for DHCP.

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Hi, I have a SP501E that I want to flash with WLed, where can I find the bin file?

Thank you!

Try this one. wled00.ino.generic.bin (537.8 KB)

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Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I haven’t received the SP501E yet, I keep you posted. Thanks again!