Speed of gpio output

Hi, Again.

About my project!
A Christmas light setup with at this stage 5 esp32 controllers all timed to music, saw it on Facebook.


EVENTUALLY A cone, 8 strips 25 LEDs each strip, 1 gpio for each strip, 2.3 mts tall. yes a fake tree. :-]

TEST: 3 strips 25 LEDs each strip, 1 gpio for each strip, 2.3 mts tall.

Vertical effects work great.

One of the effects I am looking for is to spin (chase) the pattern around the cone (horizontally), one or more strips at a time with an embedded vertical pattern. The problem I have is I can’t get any real speed in the chase?

First question:
Is this even possible?
If so where am I making my mistake?
If not, another suggestion, please…



You might be better off trying to keep your questions to a single thread as you’ve effectively referenced the same project 3 times now…

My first instinct on this would be to offload the effects work onto xLights or LedFx. That will probably let you simplify your wiring to 4 strips of 50 LED’s (wire pairs of 25 LED’s in series) on 4 different GPIO’s. The PC based software will have a huge library of tools, functions and effects that you can work with onscreen before you move them into a live display.

WLED is designed specifically to make this kind of interfacing possible: Interfaces - e1.31-dmx

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Sorry, thought I was doing the right thig keeping the questions separate. Only included the project for clarification, I don’t expect anyone to sort that out for me.
Thanks for your reply though.
I had a look at xLights & ledFX, complicated suckers :frowning:

I did read through the instruction link you suggested (don’t know how I missed that) and I think I can achieve my goal with WLED. I might have to rethink the 8 pio driven strips for one 200 LED strip to make the horizontal chase work.

Thanks Again.