Srg74's WLED wemos shield - compatible ESP32 boards?

I have been looking at the list of ESP32 boards that are compatible with the @srg74 WLED wemos shield. He has a short list here and 2 of them are presently out of stock:

The page shows a blue board that appears to be this HiLetgo board (which is in stock):
Is this the same board with the same compatible pinout?

What about this purple HiLetgo board? Is it pin-compatible?

Thanks for any answers!

Any Wemos D1 mini compatible board will fit.
NodeMCU compatible boards will NOT fit.

As for S2, it has dual pin rows but the inner rows will not be used. Also S2 is still in experimental phase and is not working best with WLED. Perhaps get Lolin C3 mini instead.

@blazoncek Thanks for the info on the ESP32 S2 mini boards. I will avoid those.

Getting back to one of my original questions about specific ESP32 boards…
Is the HiLetgo ESP32 board (in stock at Amazon) the same blue board as is shown on srg74’s github page?

Yes, this is the Wemos D1 mini board format.
You can find other “brands” with the same layout/format as well.