Strips are faulty or Controller don't know?

Using WS2811(12v) strips with ESP8266 Controller.
Wled gets connected to router and then when i change states of colour then it doesn’t respond.

I dont know if my strips are broken or my controller bcz when i connect my strips to an arduino it lights on perfectly. when i connect esp8266 with other components such as relay it works fine but when i connect both strips and esp8266 it doesn’t light up and when i disable power supply of strips for a second and then turn on, strips lights up with earlier position where i left of.
So i am confused…

If you don’t have a level shifter, you need one. :wink:

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Thanks bro for your help, but it use to work fine earlier without level shifter…
Besides, what is the purpose of level shifter?

ESPs have 3.3v data signals. LED strips need 5v. Shifter shifts the 3.3 to 5.

ohh i see…
thanks i will try this with shifter than.

Bro still not working with Logic level shifter. It looks like all my money is waisted for nothing.

Did you get one that was recommended?

Yes WS2811, But thanks i think my Strip lights controller ic is shorted for all.