Start Problems ESP 8266 & WS2811


i builded a plattform for my ESP, Level Shifter for WS2811.

3.3 Logic in is connected with D4 of ESP 8266
Logic out goes to data in of the stripe WS 2811

The Stripe is connected to 12v
The ESP get the Power of 5V in on the board.

The Software is running and i can change all in the Webgui. But i dont get any light.
I flashed the WLED_0.11.1_ESP8266.bin without any changes. The ESP boot correctly.

I tried without shifter, not working

My problem is: The Stripe isnt light up.
With my Multimeter i checked Voltage. The End of the Strip has 11,94v, all Lines are ok.
What i did wrong?

Green Line is GND, connected to Shifter GND, 1OE and GND ESP
Red Line is 5V+, connected to VIN ESP, VCC Shifter
Red Circle is D4 to Shifter 1A
Yellor Line is 1Y to Stripe.


Shifter circuit is not complete. All OE pins must be connected to GND. You have to add ceramic capacitor 0.1uF between pin 1 and 14 on shifter as close as possible.

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Ah ok. I will do it now.
I dont have a ceramic capacitor at the moment. it is a must have or a nice to have?

Thank you

I would say Must have. Placing power filters is a good practice and save a lot of frustrations.

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Ok i add the other OE to GND. Can i try with another Capacitor? I only have 10 and 100 here at the moment.

The Test after connect other OEs is: no light.

If you don’t mind we can move that discussion to WLED discord. It would be more productive. My username same @serg74

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I wrote inh the “Issue” Channel and marked you.

Solution: Connect the Stripe on Din, not Dout :smiley:

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