Sync advice

Firstly, I have a display that lends itself to synchronization. It’s composed of two sets of 100 WS2812 LEDs, each one with its own PSU and ESP8266 controller. Given that the two displays are to be identical, it makes sense to sync them, I suppose. I will be using the web API to control one, and the other will follow. Let me know if that’s a bad idea - I could of course loose the sync, and send two sets of API commands to each ESP8266.

If I have sync in operation and I add a third controller, this one performing a complete different job - in this case PWM control of a lighting strip with R,G,B PWM outputs. If sync is in operation, is this a meaningful combination or will things get screwy? It would be convenient, but not essential, to send commands to one controller from the API, but if it’s not feasible I can send commands to the three individual controllers.

It’s for a small stage display, if that is helpful for context.

Under ‘Sync Interfaces’ you can set up different sync groups so they don’t interfere with each other -


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Thank you! I didn’t see that when I looked at the UI earlier.