Sync not working with Usermods

I would like to use some “slave” WLED PCB controlled from a “master controller”.
I started testing using two PCB: one as slave and one as master. They are connected to the same wifi network, and when I turn on the “sync” and modify parameters from web interface on the “master” it works well.

The “master” is compiled with:


I also tryed with another circuit as “master” that has not Encoder nor Display but it has IR receiver and also in this situation the behaviour is the same: no syncing on the slaves when I press the IR remote buttons.

When I change brightness or speed effect (or any other parameter) nothing changes. I can’t understand why, anyone of you are facing the same issue?


May be better to look at virtual LEDs/DDP. That can be exact syncing while the normal syncing is not.

Dear @tonyno thanks for your hint.
following this readme info its working.

I need some few clarification:

  • is it necessary to define the LED strip lenght for each slave?
  • does it work if i use RGB PWM or RGBW PWM instead of WS2813?

Yes, each slave must be configured with what they have.

It works for all LED types.