Turkey ledmap and inverse ledmap - Sure would like a 'mask' function like ledmap

I definitely enjoy the ledmapx.json feature of WLED. Learing of the of the gap file recently, I can see where they overlap but both files have definite strong points. I see where the gap file will fix spacing and physical gaps in the led layout and can result in a 2D matrix image if so designed. But the ledmap seems better suited for the image making for me. Also have 9 files for the ledmap that I can select for different presets. There is only one gap file.

All that said, I have shared two pictures of a turkey. One is the inverse of the other. I would love use the default matrix (ledmap), yet be able to overlay a mask for a section (not limited to the ledmap dimensions). The mask could be applied normal or inverse to achieve the effect in the two pictures I have included.

With the ledmaps, this effect requires two ledmaps,

I’ll continue to play with and apply the ledmaps as they are defined, I really like having this option. Just thinking about more great features down the road.

Almost forgot. I would also like the inverse of the mask allow the background to have a different effect.
I know that’s a lot but while on the topic just getting it out there.