Use 2 Pin WWCW "PWM?" 12V LED with WLED

my Kitchen has some LED Lights which are controlled with an RF Controller that I would like to replace with a WIFI solution. The problem I am facing is, that these LEDs use a 2 Pin Cable where one Pin is for Cold White and one for Warm White as you can see in the included picture. Would it be possible to control this type of LED through WLED and keep the possibility to still change the color temperature and brightness?

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No. There should be a third connection. Any pics of where wires to to them on the LEDs?

The Output of the LED RF controller is connected to this splitter which then connects to the individual LEDs. I do not have a picture of the LEDs directly because they are not accessible.

Looks proprietary, so that’s a no.

seems to me that those leds are connected such that if you apply on one pin and ground on the other a set of leds lights up, and if you reverse the connections, the other set lights up. this means only one set of leds can be lit at the time. using a h-bridge you can control them and with some trickery you can make the temperature a in between but it’s going to require some extra hardware and probably some dedicated code