Controll 2 pin RGB PWM with WLED?

Okay, I have a light loop with 10 lights, to each light there is a circuit board with 9 diodes.

All diodes on the board are of the 2 pin RGB type

the 4 higher ones are Slow Fade. while the others are Flashing.

Link with pictures and video:

The only thing I can find about how to possibly control these are this

So I thought maybe there is some way to control this via WLED?

No, Wled unfortunately does not support this type of LEDs, I have some of the „OWire" Leds laying around but had no luck!

Only Ws2811 with 5mm or 8mm worked, cuz that protocol is supported.


No, this specific type is not supported. But the videos shows how to drive them with Arduino so… This is one way that could work with a bit of programming.

These 4mm LEDs are like a compromise between color cycling LEDs and fully addressable LEDs. While you aren’t able to individually address each LED in the chain, you can change the color and mode of all LEDs in the chain. We call these “OWire” LEDs because there’s no “signal” wire, just power and ground. In order to change modes you wiggle the power LED in a 7-bit pattern depending on the mode/color you want. Don’t worry, we’ve written an Arduino library!