Using WLED on 2 wire lights similar to twinkly lights

I have searched around and see little discussion on this but figured I must be missing something. I am wondering if WLED can control 2 wire lights (just + and - with control riding on the +). These are the lights I purchased and am trying to control. I have seen the XLED github to control twinkly lights however I don’t see much in the way of tutorials or information. Any info would be appreciated.

Found some info

Looks like it is using PWM for control. I am not sure if they are addressable but even controlling the color would be nice.

I case anyone else is looking into this I think I have some answers. The short answer is no, wled cannot be used for 2 wire lights as of Nov 2022. There is someone trying to reverse engineer the protocol but has not cracked the code yet. Here is a link to where he is at Hacking Twinkly RGB Pixel Lights - YouTube.