D1 mini and 4 wire rgbw strip

I am working on a snake enclosure and am wanting to make sunrise and sunset effects. I jave a strip of rgbw 4 wire leds. These will be the only connection besides power. I know how to connect 3 wire with one data line. How do I connect the 4 wire? Thanks

Are these individually addressable LEDs and do you know the model number? If you are not sure, you can send a picture of the pad labeling on the strip. If there are 4 wires, either your LEDs are of Data + Clock type, there is a Backup data in pin, or you have non-addressable LEDs. How to connect them depends on the type :slight_smile:

They are addressable. The input is 5 pins actually. R-g-b-w and a 12v power. I believe they are ws2812b

If they have 12V - R - G - B - W pinout, they are unfortunately not individually addressable, the whole strip will show the same color. These are supported by WLED (by setting the PWM RGBW type in LED settings and setting a pin for R, G, B, W each). You will also need 4 N-channel MOSFETs. I like these boards: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08CVK6TLF/

Ok these are going back and getting others so it will work. Thank you