USERMOD_FOUR_LINE_DISPLAY - Display different info


So I’m looking at adding a four-line display. I’ve not got enough pins lefts for the rot mod.

Can I mod the code to display the following on the screen? Can anybody point in the right direction?

  1. Relay (Power) On or OFF
  2. Is it using Wifi or Ethernet
  3. IP Address
  4. Protocol it is receiving ie. Scan.

Thanks all

IMO better to write your own usermod.
Take existing as a base. All information you need is available in global variables (check wled.h)

Actually just noticed that it already shows sleeping on sunshine for power. And IP address only it on ethernet.

So could someone help me with one thing…

When it is being controlled by Sacn or another protocol… That it’s says that on the screen… Even if it was a simple flashing symbol.

Tested on a unit with sACN via jinx and nothing is displayed . I think it does not cover that functionality