Usermod_v2_four_line_display on 64x128 SH1107 Adafruit 90 deg?

Hey WLED peoples!

Wondering if anyone has any ideas for getting usermod_v2_four_line_display working on a 64x128 SH1107 Adafruit at 90 deg?

I am a defo novice when it comes to C but I got the mod to compile with a case set up for the U8X8 constructor of U8X8_SH1107_64X128_SW_12C. It works but the layout is kinda off screen as the MOD seems like its setup for 128X64.

Im looking for some advise on paths to get the screen to display at 90deg to have more real estate.

Here are some of my thoughts on approaches:

Keep fiddling with usermod_v2_four_line_display to try and get U8x8 / the display options to make it work…

Seems like U8g2 has more rotation options in the setup constructors - I could try and refactor the user mod from U8x8 → U8g2 and leverage the setup rotation option to do 90.

I could just refactor the entire usermod_v2_four_line_display to leverage the Adafruit SH110X display library.

So looking for some tips or ideas on getting the menu working for my setup…

Willing to fiddle some more and thanks for the advise…

There is no display rotation function/setting in U8x8 library so if you want to have that display “working” you’ll need to refactor existing usermod or write a new one from scratch.


I think it’s no worth time and effort to rewrite entire usermod just for one display. Better to use displays already supported by usermod.
Maybe better contribute something useful to existing code :slight_smile: