Usermod v2 4line display Cyrillyc translate

Hello! Thanks for WLED and cool addon - usermod v2 4line display!!! I wanted to clarify: how can I translate the inscriptions on the display “brightness”, “effect speed”, “intensivity”, “saturation” abbreviated names of the months of the year and so on into Cyrillic? I suspect that I just need to rename some variables in some file *.h or the value of the print command on the display, but I can’t figure out where exactly. I will be very grateful to you! Thanks a lot!

It’ll be quite a bit of work to get that done. The strings for that text are pushed from the usermod_v2_rotary_encoder_ui_ALT.h (lines #379-387). Change those to use Cyrillic characters. You also need to either create or find a font that works with the u8x8 library. Here are some links to help point you in the right direction. The u8g2 repository has all the tools to get that done in the master source code. Add your new u8x8 font to the 4LD_wled_fonts.c file, and change the font in usermod_v2_four_line_display_ALT.h on lines 342/348 to use your newly added Cyrillic font.

There already is a Cyrillic font in the u8g2 font library. However we’re not using that library for performance reasons. It’s needs to be in the u8x8 format.