Using WLED without Wifi

i’m running a mini Ambilight (TV only) in my bedroom using a raspberry 2 zero. Unfortunately, the wifi signal seems to be too weak as I’m having performance issues. i was thinking about using direct wiring via SPI but couldn’t find any info on how it can be done. is there a link / tutorial? can i still use the default wled software? would it be possible connecting several instances via SPI?

Hi , You can control ws2812 using SPI . check the link ,you would only need one pin for data ( grounded ) . You can also use RPI-WS2812-Server to control the strip .

I did not understand what did you mean by "still use the default wled software " because you do not need an MCU or wled when using the PI as the controller . Please clarify this if I misunderstood

In any case test the same and let me know if you face issues and we can replicate it but with PI2


thanks for your reply, i’m sorry but i think i got something wrong …
what i meant is running an ambilight standalone without any wifi - so the (d1/esp32) controller - which is connected to the leds - should be connected directly to the raspberry which is running the ambilight software.
how do you connect the controller to the raspberry and do i still need wled installed?

Facing the same situation of poor wifi before, the solution was to add a cheap wireless access point near the Pi ( Because you still need wifi/utp network access to the PI ) and then connect the MCU via wifi as usual

I have seen some projects on hard-wiring the PI to a slave Arduino Boards ( possibly d1 /esp32) , but It is a bit complex and I think it is not worth your effort given the simple solution above

If you meant that you want to use both PI and MCU without network access to both of them then that is beyond my current knowledge but I will be willing to search and test it if this is the goal and no one knows the answer . It might help if you mentioned more info on your setup like what OS are you running on the pi and what ambilight sw ( or are you using falcon f16 os ?) and any other useful info you may have