VL53L0X_gestures Usermod unintentional switching

Hi everyone!
My Setup:

  • WEMOS D1 mini
  • WS2812b’s
  • VL53L0X TOF Sensor for switching on/off and adjusting brightness according to usermod
  • WLED 0.12.0, version shortly after the usermod was released

There is nothing else in my setup. I’m using the usermod “as it is”. The sensor itself also works, switching on/off via wiping hands as well as adjusting the brightness, the only problem is that often, but unregularly, it switches on and off the lights unintentionally, even when there is no movement.
Maybe anyone else has the same problem?
Or maybe anyone with the animated staircase usermod?
Or maybe anyone knows if there is a way to adjust the sensitiveness if that is the problem?

Thank you in advance!

Is the laser sensor pointing down, up, or away into the room? It should be pointing to a surface that is not likely to see any real changes in the returned signal. If it is reflecting off a surface and seeing multiple return signals it may react in ways you cannot predict.

If it is not pointing down, try aiming it down. If it is pointing down, try aiming it to an area where things are not usually changing. If the height above the surface is too small, you will want to adjust the minimum distance (I think) in the usermod constant from 60 to a measured or estimated value so it ignores signals returned from the surface (and any reflected signals returning after hitting that surface).

Very good points! thanks.

  • laser is pointing downwards, but at an angle of roundabout 40 degrees, so this really might be an issue
    • first step: I will change it to pointing straight 90 degree downwards. I think the distance to the surface (kitchentable) then it’s roundabout 0.5m

If that doesn’t help I will then adjust the usermod values as you suggested, decreasing the maximum “height” it will react to.

I will report back with my findings.