Wemos D1 R32 + Led Strips Sk6812

Hi, I need advice on how to connect Wemos D1 R32 + Led Strips Sk6812.
I would use the TXS0108e converter to shift the logic level.
In the board is: WLED_0.12.1-b1_ESP32.bin
I connect to the wifi with my mobile phone, but I still can’t turn on the LED.
Does anyone know which PIN is correct for output?
Thank you for any suggestion.

If you read that, you will hopefully conclude your level shifter of choice may not be the best solution for most digitally addressable LED strips.

With the Wemos D1, the pin reference in the WLED app refers to the GPIO number. So, for example, if you have the LED strip data pin connected to the pin labelled D1 on the Wemos D1, this is GPIO5 and you need to set the value of the pin = 5 in the WLED app options.