What looks better?

LED bulbs, mains powered, boring white


simple 199 cheap led ws2812b bead leds (2 x 10m cheap usb string lights soldered together, thats why there 199 rather than 200) on a self designed pcb using esp32 c3 supermini, all running off a usb socket drawing 750ma!

looks better as video believe me

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Obviously the LEDs lol

How much power do these LEDs consume?

full brightness, Rainbow, limited to 1500ma as its coming out of a socket/usb

if i power with one of my powerbanks i can get it higher, but still nowhere near what wled says

use a 3D printer to get led defusor it impresses even more

and you can print for Festiveties and events separate
200 difusor shoudent be so long to print

or i could buy 4 of these to make 20m (same leds but with little balls on)