Have been enjoying wled immensely.
Hopefully this link will work ;

Well, I’ve got to say that of all the things we’ve attached LEDs to, this is perhaps the most unique.

What did you use for a battery pack? Is it waterproof?

Looks great. I just threatened my wife with LEDs on her garden cart, but not too keen on the idea.

Powered by two 10ah power /battery banks , 5v 2.4a output.
Each power bank is powering one of two 171 led strips.
One wemos d1 .

Waterproof to a degree -it’s all tucked underneath.

I love the “Wheelbarrow Waltz” synchro scene. A very imaginative project.
I’ve stuck LEDs on many things and now I’m intrigued as to what to put them on next… :rofl:

Thanks for watching & kind comments.
Sort of feel the need to add an arduino nano , adxl345 ( accelerometer /gyro chip ) , and possibly a relay .
Then make the rig motion-sensitive.
Rather think wled wouldn’t want to turn on / off /on etc , so would maybe need a set display.
( or , if relay between WiFi / wled module and the leds ……?)

ADXL usermod?! :smiley:

Strain gage(s) to measure and respond to the amount of weight (mass) being carted around.

Another use for when not moving (using that accelerometer / gyro)… green light – keep loading… yellow light – getting close… red light – stop loading and get moving.