When and why did the controller a reset?

Morning, i have made my first project yesterday.
At the end i turned the only existing segment off.
Color was Rainbow , Effect was Rainbow.

In the morning today, the strips were on and colour was “First Color” , effect was solid.

I looked into the settings. “Turn LEDs on after Power up / rest” is active.

Now i thnk and hope that this was the reason.
But what i think is an issue is, as there were no power down and up it must be a reset of the controller.
Is there something that could initiate a controller reset? Or did the controller a reset regularly by its own?

Its a d1 mini.

Second issue i had then:
I set colors for 1, 2 and 3.
But also in the morning today only colour 1 was set to orange.
I left it yesterday with Blue Red White.
Did the controller lost the colour settings with a reset ?
It would be a good idea if those can be saved, i guess it will not use that many memory?!

Thanks everybody!

i looked into the info and the uptime was around 6 hours = it has a rest at 2:30 in the night.
but still dont know why, hust to let you know this additional info.

There is no auto-reset and no built-in way to find out why it happened.

You need to save your settings in a preset then call that at boot in LED Preferences.