Where to find a tutorial for apa 102 to D1 mini

Hello, I need to find an in-depth tutorial on how to connect apa 102 to Di mini + CLK and DATA settings in WLED. Are there any recommendations? Thanks in advance for any help.

This should be the same as any other wled install, just with an extra pin! Here is the intro documentation on getting wled flashed and working, it serves as a pretty thorough guide! Based on Aircookie’s response here, I believe the default clock pin should be GPIO0, which should correlate to pin D3 on your silkscreen, and the default data pin should be GPIO2, which should correlate to pin D4 on your silkscreen. If you absolutely need to use different pins, the settings are available in wled once you’ve got it running on the D1, but I’d advise you stick to the default pins!