Wifi connection

So I am using esp8266 with the latest version of WLED self compiled/binary 1m of ws2812b 74leds and 6 amp power supply. After reboot it hardly connects to my wifi and if it connect I enter in the UI it says that is offline/unreachable then it reconnect I am able to do something for few seconds then again lost connection tested 3 board’s the same issue. Wifi router is set to 2.4Ghz I will test esp without led if is not issue that data pin is low is my only idea.

?? Power supply problems or Wifi problems might both possible.

do You have any Capacitors around the power supply of the ESP ?

Wifi: Did any ESP connects without problems to your Wifi AP ?, I recently had the following situation: I am using Unify AP´s and have a special SSID for the IOT stuff. After a Wifi AP software update I had very unstable connections or none. Solution was deleting the Wifi Network and setting it up again.

Last week I put the ESP into a metal housing of a lamp. 3 meters distance to the AP and no connections.

What I would like to say is. Please check if other ESP are able to connect to this Wifi? Do you have shielding material between the ESP and your AP ?

Check if the PSU can provide the required power for the ESP fast enough? Since I am not an electronics expert, I do not give any recommendation for this here. check a search engine for “ESP Powersupply recommendation”.

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It seems that I had bad signal. I moved the lamp in the same room with my router played with it more than 1h it was OK no issue after I moved it back and the same problem. So I made small changes to my router freq from 40Ghz to 20Ghz and channel from 7 to 11 now it have better signal around 40-45%. The router is close to the same wall where the lamp is I don’t understand why the esp have so poor signal its ~2.5m and a wall esp is covered with plastic case. Or it can be problem the power supply its 2cm close to it in the same case??.

Hey Guys,
i have the same Problem. I can flash the ESP8266 with the latest WLED and its connected with my Router. But when I restart the ESP, it no longer connects to the router. After some time, he eventually connects. But it can be 1 Hour.

Can someone help me with that?

Hi and welcome to the forum , Hopefully the issue is network related only and could be easily solved .
Just the basic steps to check your network without having much info on you wining or wled setup .

  1. ping the wled instance if you know the ip ( keep the ping continues on windows ping -t ip ) .
  2. If you can ping wled then open the info page and look at the signal strength and keep that page open
  3. You can also make the AP opens under the wifi setup (After the reboot you should see the AP)

Try to move the MCU from current location and see if there is a difference in the signal , I assume you rebooted everything including your router . Also if you have multiple MCUs then that should give you an idea if this is to do with your network

thank you for the quick reply.
The ping doesn’t work. because its disconnected with my wifi-router. I can use the ESP when I find it at the WiFi WLED-AP.
If I use the ESP over the WiFi I can get the info. That works. All my other devices works fine with the WiFi. I restarted the router, but the same problem.

what version of wled you installed 13.b6 ? Can you show the esp

I have two devices. One of them has the version 13.b6 and the orher one has the version 13.b5.
Both have the same problem

when you connect to the wled-ap ( the access point on the esp) did you try to change the WiFi setting to connect to your home router ?

that is still there. If i configure it the first time its connected instantly. But if i reset the ESP it need a view minutes to connect withe my wifi.

So it connects to your wifi ? or not ?

If it does not connect then try rest first