Wifi only works when Serial Monitor is active

I use an ESP32 dev board from AZ Delivery.
I have troubles getting the wifi to work. The Wifi only works when the dev board is connected via USB and the serial monitor on the laptop is active (I’m using PlatformIO in VScode). When I press the reset button on the dev board, the board resets and the wifi works and I can connect with the WLED app. (then 2 strange characters appear in the serial console.)
When I use the exact same hardware (so I don’t change anything compared to the above setup: same cables, same laptop) and do not turn on the serial monitor, I can’t get the wifi up. (not even after pushing the reset button.)
the wifi only works when I press reset on the dev board and serial monitor is active.
Please help.

As off other posts if the DEV is connected to the PROG its belived to have this issue
the WLED system is soposed to run on its own Boot

so yes you are in this Chain this is a normal behav
YOUR User Mod Compilation needs a Wled internal reboot to make it run Standalone
Thats what its made for and its soposed to run !!

I don’t fully understand your feedback.
I just reinstalled WLED (via the web installer) and the problem remains.
Can you point me to some documentation or can you elaborate a bit on what you mean?

get the Board of the PC use a standard USB powersuply 1-5V like a Tablet charger
Then Power the Board look in your Smartphone if there is a WLED AP
if so connect to it via browser or via WLED APP
if not press RESET on the board and look again
it may only work proper after the fist wifi connection as some report on that issue