Wled address single LED

Hi there,
I am a absolute beginner with wled, but I hope you can help me with a question.
In my handrail (stairs) are 2x 5m WS2812B stripes installed, which work perfectly.
Now I would like to just turn on 1 LED, which is right above a stair during night.
for e.x lets say I want to turn on LED #1 #20 #35 #40 #50 #55 #60 it that possible to address each single LED instead of a segment?


You can create a preset containing 7 segments with only 1 LED in each.
So segment 0 would Start at 0 and Stop at 1, while segment 4 would Start at 49 and Stop at 50.
Remember - segments and LED positions are 0 based.

thats sounds good, will try it.
Thx a lot for your answer

Or if the spacing is the same between the leds you want to turn on, use a single segment but set spacing to e.g. 40 or 45