WLED APP for Android TV 📺

Hi everyone, I’m an aspiring developer (I’m only 14 years old), I made my WLED garland control app for Android TV 9.0+. With this app you can quickly turn on effects, choose your color for the garland and change other settings

Key features:
:desktop_computer: Intuitive interface: Modern and easy to use interface provides maximum comfort when setting up and controlling your WLED garland. Simple and straightforward controls allow you to create amazing lighting scenarios instantly.
:sparkles: Convenient effect and palette selection: We provide you with a convenient toolbox to select not only effects, but also color palettes. Experiment with multiple options to find the perfect combination of colors and effects to suit your needs.
:art: Custom color option: Full control over your color scheme! You can choose your own colors, creating unique and customized lighting scenarios to suit your taste and mood.
:gear: Built-in app settings: Adapt the app to your preferences with the built-in settings. Adjust brightness, effect speed and other settings to precisely match your expectations.

Discover a new level of interaction with WLEDs - download the app now!

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Download in my GitHub