Wled brightness halfway=max

So i connect a 5 meters of WS2815 to an esp-01 through a data voltage converter and it always appears fully lit when the esp brightness slider is at halfway. I expect it being half lit when the slider is halfway, and increasing in brightness when moved forward. It does decrease in brightness when moved backwards from the halfway position, but does not increase when moved forward.

Not an issue personally as i know it behaves so, and has behaved so for a year or more. Just would like to know the solution to make all the slider count.

To add, this gets replicated in Home Assistant application whenever someone uses it, so its kind of odd if the slider is halfway, and trying to get it more bright, nothing happens. Again, halfway equals to max brightness in whatever is the case here, for whatever reason.

Check the segment brightness setting as well as the Brightness Factor in LED Preferences.