Cant get my project running

12v psu 200W
an 12/24>5v converter
warmwite DC12V WS2811
and a ESP8266 ESP-D1 MINI TYPE-C
latest firmwere on the esp!
leds i hope they are paireble with esp?

to the problem, first cant find right data pin seams to be diffrent on 2 identical esp from same batch! tryed multipl pin!
and the leds lit up just cant controll them in wles. they have common ground on dc! scratching my head here! hope someone can help me

TX is likely gpio 1 and D4 is likely gpio 2

This is a quote from another topic dealing with W/W COB strips, They likely operate the same way as your single white strips where you need to see what color controls your LEDs brightness. Either R G or B.

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got them to work but they dont stay on they repeating an patern but settigs are on solid

at full britnes the pixels are fixed slitest moving on the slider and they start

Give this a try:
In: Config, User Interfaces. Check the box for RGB Sliders. Save and you should now have RGB sliders on your pallets.

Slide all 3 R, G, B sliders to the left.
Slide each, one at a time to the right till your lights light up. When they light, That slider is the one that your lights are tied to. See if using just that slider gets them working correctly.

i think the led strip may be broken! it flickers what ever i do im going to order a new one! thanks for al the help

this is really annoying!
got a new led strip LED
and still it dont work
i read this just now (Runs under WLED from 14b3 Settings for WS2814 RGBW Stripes are: SK6812 RGBW Color Order: BRG Swap: w - g)

what does he meen with bgr swap:w - g) “found it”

12 and 24V strips will typically not work without a level shifter.

do you mean 12>5v? i got 12v powersupply and a 12/24>5volt and shared ground. updated firmwere in the mini D to latest. swapped w-g still no correct light… my knollege is ending here :smiley:

No, a level shifter to convert the 3.3V data signal out of the ESP to 5V for the LEDs.