WLED Controller

I came across wled during lockdown, really good project.

I had a motorised slider (like you get on audio mixing desks) so thought it would be cool to make something that controlled my wled strips. When the lights get turned on by alexa the slider moves to reflect the current state.
The capacitive buttons change though some different modes. Made it battery powered so I can walk around with it but it is quite chunky :see_no_evil:

Done a video but quality and audio is a bit rubbish

Im using an ESP32 listening to UDP broadcasts to get the current state and http posts to set the current levels

Button 1: On/Off with slider as brightness Control.
Button 2: Show/Adjust the current Red/Green/Blue channel
Button 3: Hue Slider
Button 4:White Colour Temperature select.
Button 5/6: not decided yet, will be presets or some pattern controls.


That is amazing!