Wled controllers

Good morning,
I would like to replace my current led strip with a new BTF Lighting SK6812 RGBWW strip.
The strip will have a length of 2.6mt x 4pcs = TOT. 10.4mt and a 5v 40A 200W power supply.
I’m having trouble choosing which WLED controller to integrate with Home Assistant.
I’m looking for a controller that is already assembled without having to solder boards etc… what do you recommend?

Several in KB.

Yes I have seen the hardware list but there are a lot of them… I was wondering if there is one that is better than others.
Above all, I don’t understand why some have a limit on the power supply of up to 90W.
I have to use a 200W power supply…

The “power supply” limits on the ESP boards have to do with the contacts/terminal blocks on the board NOT the amount of “power the board can handle”

Really, you want to design your power connections for your LEDs separately from the data board that drives them.
Power requirements are in amps and require heavy connections.
Data requirements are in Mhz and need a completely different set of considerations.
The fact that some boards try and make it “convenient” to do both types of wiring in one place doesn’t change the underlying requirements.

Figure out what power you need for the number of LEDs you have and wire power up appropriately.
Then connect the data and ground wire from your MCU.

Just my $0.02

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So do you advise me to take a 5v power supply only for the controller and manage the power supply of the led strip separately from the power supply of the controller?
So a classic 5v 1A power supply for the controller and a 5v 40A power supply for the led strip, did I understand right?
My led strip requires 200W to be powered, it consumes 18W per meter and they are 10mt, 60led per meter.

That’s often a reasonable approach, although the ESP board can take more power than you might expect depending on the make and usage. Maybe allocate a 5V 2A supply to be safe.

Perfect thanks!
Now I still have to figure out which controller is best for me…
I’m looking for one that’s ready without having to weld.
This controller for example:

Do I have to consider the 16A limit only if I power the card directly with the correct 5v 40A power supply?
If, on the other hand, I attach a 5V 2A power supply to the board as we said and feed the strips separately, I shouldn’t have any problems right?
Thank you!

Right, as I said, power limits are about the size of wires and connection terminals you use to power the strip.

If you do that directly from your power supply and not through the controller board, there’s no issue with the board.

Thank you so much for the advice!