WLED crashing frequently on Dig-Quad

I have a Dig-Quad with ethernet that I set up recently. It was working fine at first but over time it kept locking up and requiring a reboot. I started investigating and discovered the 5v power supply I was using was at 6.6v. Previous to the Dig-Quad I had an ESP8266 with the same power supply (at the same voltage) and there were no issues. I’m thinking I will need to replace the ESP32 w/ethernet board as I may have damaged it with the higher voltage but then was thinking that the Dig-Quad voltage regulator should have stepped down the 6.6v going to the ESP32. I’ve tried re-flashing WLED but that didn’t help. It does function, it will crash in 5 minutes or less. Any ideas?

Hi ,

I think there is 5V regulator on the ESP32 standalone board which is rated up to 12 volts.

I do not own Dig-Quad but i have seen on the site that you have to manually set the jumper to
select between 5 or 12 V . Does this means there no 5v voltage regulator on the Dig-Quad ?
Or is the voltage selection only for leds . Where did you see info on the 5v regulator ?

I have seen a lot people having issue with Dig stuff here . Is there no support for Dig stuff via email or other way ? If the 6.6 V have damaged your board ( I doubt that ) and there is no support then it is not worth it vs using your own esp
[edit check this , i hope it helps DigQuad DIY RGB LED Controller - Setup Software & Wiring Connections - YouTube ]

Wish you good luck

Thanks for your reply and the link. I have viewed Dr. Zzz’s troubleshooting videos but none of them address the issue I am seeing. The later models of Dig Quad (v2 and v3) do not require a jumper to be set, they output whatever input voltage you supply (voltage in = voltage out: 5v up to 24v, it’s up to user to ensure the pixels are the same voltage). in order for the dig-quad to run the ESP32 on higher than 5v it must have a voltage regulator to supply power to the ESP32 (and is mentioned in Dr. Zzz’s troubleshooting video).
I have 2 other dig Quads (wifi, not ethernet) that are reliable, one is connected to a 5v supply and powering 5v LED strips while the other is connected to 12v supply powering 12v pixel strings. Dig quads have connections for 5v power to supply directly to the ESP32 and on those other two I had run separate 5v power to those connections (I had not done that on this unit that is failing). I believe Quindor (dig-quad designer) prefers troubleshooting questions to be posted here on Discourse per his Website.

I am really surprised you have that much info and knowledge and still facing issue , I was planning to buy a Dig thinking that its just plug and play but now … I am not sure . Hope you get it to work

I have 4 dig-quads and, other than this one unit - which I admittedly applied a higher voltage than 5v, they have been fairly reliable and as plug-n-play as you can get working with individually addressable LEDs and xLights. The biggest issue is getting them in the US as they go out-of-stock quickly on Dr. Zzz’s store. That’s my main concern as I’d like to get all the dig-quads EPS32s replaced with ethernet so I can eliminate the wifi lags I am seeing in my light shows.