WLED unresponsive only when connected to dig quad


Hope everyone is well.

I suspect it’s the dig quad but wled goes offline within thirty minutes when the esp32 is powered via the dig quad. If I power it through usb it’s fine.

Is there anything I can do to check the board or logs in wled as to why it goes offline? The wled ap goes offline at the same time too. I can’t return it as I’ve had it in a drawer for a while so hoping something can be salvaged!

Thanks for your help

Is anything connected to the terminals on the DQ, like an LED strip?
Did you purchase or DIY assemble your DQ?
It is possible your DQ PCB is not manufactured properly, or a faulty component is causing noise and throwing the ESP32 offline.

At the moment no, nothing connected.

Same situation when LEDs are connected though.

I bought it but from an eBay seller who I assume built it. I have reached out to them and waiting for a reply.

Can you post a pictures?


Thanks for replying. Pictures attached. The ESP receives power even when it drops offline.

I’ve just swapped the setup for a cheap £5 board I have from eBay which is stable so I guess it probably is the board.

Second image

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When you checked the voltage into the DigQuad after 30 minutes, was it a solid 5V?
Are any of the 10A fuses blown or “almost” blown? Let’s say when the fuse is a room temperature, it acts like it isn’t blown, but after it warms up a bit, the metal deforms and power goes away.
If you have short bristle brush(es) available, try rubbing alcohol or IPA and scrub the flux off the board.
Try wiggling soldered components gently while cleaning flux to see if there are any cold solder joints (meaning leads or pins or components will wiggle inside their solder blobs).


Thanks, no it all seems fine. Fuses and solder are solid and the voltage is correct.

I’ve ordered and received a Dig Uno V3 which is stable so I’m going to put this down to bad luck.

Thanks for the help