WLED library for use in mobile applications

Hi, I have a mobile application in Flutter that I want to use WLED in it as a library. I want to sync some audio and video with some WLED priests. Any hints will be appreciated.

wled is not a library, but you may be able to do what you want via a usermod.

I know it is not a library, I want to make it in order to change it’s UI. I want to play some audio with my application (it’s completely software and I don’t need any hardware modules or stream library for it).
In my app I want to click on for example train button and I programmatically play train sound and simultaneously my LEDs simulate train station lights. I don’t want user see WLED app I want to play my train station light preset when I click on the button in my app. is there any way to do it now?
if not I want to implement it on my own, Please let me know what you can help me with.