WLED Notification Ring-Echo Base (Water Heater Project)

Hi, I keep playing around with WLED and integrating it to my Home Assistant projects.
I 3D printed a WLED Ring base for my Amazon Echo Dot in my Living Room. The main usage of the WLED is to act as fast optical review of the temperature in my Solar Water Heater when I use it with electrical power during winter.
The Water Heater is controlled through Home Assistant and Alexa by a tasmotised Sonoff TH connected to high Amperage relay. Sonoff also provides the temperature of the water using an extended cable to DS18B20 sensor all the way to the roof.
As the time to reach to target temperature varies (sun levels and weather) I used to check the temperature level in Home Assistant until Alexa made the announcement.
So I used WLED a 3D printed echo base (to keep it pretty) in order to see in a second what is the level of the temperature.

WLED Notification Ring for my Water Heater